Elvis Costello, Boston, Massachusetts, 1980

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Elvis Costello, Boston, MA, 1980

Photographs by Michael Grecco in the “Days of Punk” gallery are previously unseen images that have never before been offered to collectors. Shot from 1978 to 1991, they are Ilford Gold Fibre archival pigment prints in limited editions, numbered and signed by the artist. Grecco had a unique opportunity to embed himself in the emerging and then explosive punk scene in Boston and New York. This unique body of work captures the bold spectacle of a landmark shift in contemporary music and pop culture overall.


  • 16 X 24 - ARCHIVAL PIGMENT PRINT, Edition of 35
  • 26 3/4 X 40 - ARCHIVAL PIGMENT PRINT, Edition of 25
  • 40 X 60 - ARCHIVAL PIGMENT PRINT, Edition of 15