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November 3, 2020

#142 Directing Martin Scorsese - Photography Daily Podcast

Hollywood portrait photographer Michael Grecco talks of his inspirations, the business of photography in 2020 and beyond, plus being the boss of your own space; working with influential figures such as Bill Gates and directing the directors, namely Martin Scorsese. An opportunity to hear some behind the scenes stories from shoots that have positioned Grecco as one of LA’s most in demand portrait photographers. Find a behind the scenes film of the Scorsese shoot below.

Further References: Bruce Davidson, Magnum photographer, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Photofocus feature on Hiro, Weegee, Eddie Adams feature on the ‘execution picture,’ George Hurrell and the David Fahey gallery. From Michael Grecco: Days of Punk website, Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait, Punk Post Punk New Wave book.