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‘Days of Punk’ Exhibition Chronicles Boston’s Early Punk Scene

June 13, 2023

‘Days of Punk’ Exhibition Chronicles Boston’s Early Punk Scene - rock929rocks

Days of Punk is set to open at Boston’s Anderson Yezerski Gallery. It’s a must-see for Boston music scene and punk enthusiasts.

The solo exhibition features the work of photographer Michael Grecco. Grecco was a first-person observer of the early days and evolution of the punk scene in Boston, snapping photos starting in the late ’70s and through into the early ’90s. What’s unique about Grecco’s work and this exhibition is that neither are limited to the Boston-based bands that set the tone in the early scene. The city hosted its fair share of touring acts, like The Cramps and The Dead Kennedys. Grecco photographed them both, along with many others.

Here’s the photographer, in his own words, from the AYG’s press release: “When I came of age in the late seventies and early eighties, it was in the middle of an artistic rebellion that changed the face of politics and culture forever. This was the era of Punk: bold, self-expressed, and free. An era of music, attitude, and fashion that spat in the face of the established norms. I had grown up in an old-world Italian household in suburban New York. Tradition and rules marked my childhood. I was told how to be, how not to be. I felt stifled. Walking into my first punk club in Boston at age eighteen, I found I suddenly joined a club where everybody belonged.”