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Gritty photos of the 70s & 80s punk scene

March 7, 2023

Gritty photos of the 70s & 80s punk scene - I-D

“I was one of those alienated high school kids,” photographer Michael Grecco says. Michael grew up in an old-world Italian household in suburban New York during the 1970s. Neither jock nor prep, he was part of a small clique, which he describes as “the outcasts,” who loved art and jazz.

In the first half of that decade, music changed massively. Rock was refashioned as a corporate product, promoting a new genre known as AOR (“album oriented rock”) through new bands of like Journey, Boston, Kansas and Rush. “It was record company manufactured pablum,” Michael says of the transformation. “The music industry realised there was more money to be made in the 60s by selling records than all sports, movies, and theatre tickets combined, and they started creating bands. What we got out of this was crappy FM radio at a time when radio was the only thing that expose people to new music.”