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Michael Grecco's

June 13, 2023

Michael Grecco’s “DAYS OF PUNK” Opening reception - thebostoncalendar

The show runs through June 17, and marks the first time the “Days of Punk” exhibition will be on the east coast of the United States – in the city where most of the images were made. The show originally premiered with a special public installation at the international photography fair Photo London in 2021, and is currently touring in the U.S. and Europe.

Born in the Bronx and now based in Los Angeles, Grecco started his professional photography career in Boston in the late ‘70s after graduating from Boston University’s College of Communication. He was working as a news photojournalist for the Associated Press and staff photographer for the Boston Herald by day. At night, he covered the music scene for publications including Boston Rock magazine, and regularly for WBCN-FM – it was when punk music was exploding in popularity in the U.S., and Boston was an important hub for the punk scene. A self-described “club kid,” Grecco had a unique opportunity to embed himself into the scene as both a chronicler and a participant, and captured for posterity a riotously outspoken time in pop culture history, with all its raw energy and outrageous antics.