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September 28, 2021

Never Before Seen Sex Pistols Photos On Sale - Monster Children

The first photography fair to take place since the world went mad has officially kicked off in London.

The Photo London 2021 is bringing together 88 galleries from 15 countries; the best of the best publishers, galleries, and international photography from around the world. The event will include some of the most iconic and ground-breaking collections at the Somerset House, all available to buy. On offer are David Bailey’s The Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup Cover (1973), Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Wonton Soup (1981), and even a photo of Jude Law with Ronald McDonald before Jude was famous.

Notably, the fair is exhibiting Kevin Cummins‘ never-before-seen photos of the Sex Pistols from their 1977 Christmas Day concert at Ivanhoe’s—their last show in the UK before the breakup and death of bassist Sid Vicious. Cummins says his family didn’t speak to him until mid-January 1978 because he missed Christmas.

Days of Punk by Michael Grecco is another collection that showcases the rise of punk rock. Grecco is an LA-based fine art, editorial and celebrity portrait photographer who got down and dirty in the American punk scene. A self-described ‘club kid,’ Grecco was both documentarian and participant in the punk and new wave movements throughout the ’70s and into the ’90s. His collection of work: Punk, Post Punk, New Wave: Onstage, Backstage, In Your Face are all previously unseen.

The Fair also supports emerging artists through the Discovery section and an Emerging Photographer Award in association with Nixon. There is a student showcase featuring 24 graduates from 11 of the UK’s leading colleges and universities, so you can see what it takes to be a new talent among a field of legends.

Photo London is showing from the 8 to 28th of September in London and all prints are for sale. If you can’t get to London (like most of us), there’s still the digital fair running from the 9 to the 29th through The fair will feature curated picks from leading photographers and the ability to peruse through the collections online. If I had heaps of coin stashed somewhere, this is the part where I would say: take my money.