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Punk Icons and Their Untold Stories: The Human Side of Musical Legends

Punk icons and their untold stories, the human side of musical legends is a great title. Who among the writers, interviewers, disc jockeys, photographers, fans, lovers, family, and friends can tell the story about the human side of musical legends? Each can tell a version; nobody can tell the whole story. Stories like essays, articles, interviews and even statistics are inherently biased, only a photograph is worth a thousand words.

The B-52’s photographed by Michael Grecco.

Unbiased Essence In Black and White

Can anyone capture the spirit of the energy that fed the unapologetic individualism of the 1970s that was Punk?

Michael Grecco was perfectly positioned to capture the unbiased essence in black and white of the Punk icons and the human side of these musical legends. He was assigned to cover the the New York and Boston punk scene for a music magazine as a photographer. He was of the same age as those who were becoming icons on the punk scene and was welcomed with almost unrestricted access onstage and off stage.

The photographic record of punk created by Michael Grecco delves into the deepest personal narratives of intimate aspects of the off-stage lives of the music legends who were the icons of PUNK. The lenses and film of Michael Grecco captured and became one in the same with punk. He created an untainted intimate perspective beyond the public persons.

He has endeavored to personally curate the thousands of negatives that he shot of punk icons such as The Ramones, The Clash, Adam Ant, Wendy O. Williams, The Sex Pistols, Johhny Rotten, Billy Idol, the Dead Kennedys, The B52s and so many of the pillars of the Punk movement.

Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys photographed by Michael Grecco.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Because he was of their generation and was consciously pursuing his art of photography, his work became recognized and accepted within the inner circles of the who’s who of Punk. He knew their names, addresses and where he could find them at work and play, and everybody knew his name. His photographs were honest, creative, and most of all appreciated by his subjects.
The Days of Punk presents personally selected photos by the photographer most of which are available as fine art prints in galleries around the world. Mr. Grecco became more than a photographer to those he was covering, he was a comrade in the revolution that would change rock, art, fashion, film, poetry, television and the definition of success, self-worth and life itself.

Bow Wow Wow photographed by Michael Grecco.

Photographs are the Sound Salvation

In a YouTube Broadcast posted by Michael Grecco, Days of Punk, he notes in the summary, “Extraordinary and previously unseen images of punk and post-punk’s most iconic artists and bands.”

The Days of Punk large table sized book by Michael Grecco offers an in-depth unbiased look at the human side of the musical legends who were the icons of Punk. Fine art prints of photographs featured in Days of Punk are available at galleries throughout the world.