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Exclusive Interview: A Walk Down Memory Lane with Chris & Tina from Talking Heads

In an intimate interview session, Michael Grecco had the privilege of reconnecting with Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, the pulsating hearts behind Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club. This wasn’t just a trip down memory lane; it was a deep dive into the personal and professional worlds of two musicians who vibrated at the heart of the punk to new wave transformation. Michael and the duo reminisced about their shared past, having first crossed paths some 40 years ago in the bustling punk scene, where friendships were forged amid the haze and craze of legendary venues like CBGB.

David Byrne of Talking Heads photographed by Michael Grecco.

From Punk to “New Wave”

Chris and Tina shared the intriguing story of how “new wave” was coined—a term engineered by music executive Seymour Stein to circumvent the negative connotations of punk, thus opening the airwaves for bands like Talking Heads. The term, borrowed

from French New Wave cinema, not only helped redefine their music but also perfectly encapsulated their innovative sound, merging punk’s raw intensity with a more eclectic and experimental approach.

Early Days and Musical Evolution

Their journey from the infamous stages of CBGB in New York to clubs like The Rat in Boston was filled with vivid memories. Chris and Tina recounted their early gigs and the evolution of their sound, particularly as Jerry Harrison joined the band, enriching their music and broadening their appeal. They reflected on the vibrant music scenes in Boston and New York, recalling the unique vibe of each city and the profound impact local DJs and venues had on their career.

The Rat Nightclub photographed by Michael Grecco.

Beyond the Music

The conversation also touched on their current endeavors, including environmental advocacy and mentoring emerging musicians. Chris and Tina discussed the significant shifts in the music industry and the challenges and opportunities these changes present to artists today.

A Legacy of Authenticity and Innovation

Through Grecco’s lens, we see more than icons; we see the genuine individuals behind the music. His photographs capture Chris and Tina not only as pioneering musicians but also as storytellers and activists, continuously evolving and inspiring. This in-depth interview is a treasure trove of history, personal anecdotes, and the enduring spirit of two of music’s most influential figures. For those who appreciate the raw, authentic roots of punk and new wave, and for anyone interested in the intersection of music and cultural change, this interview is a must-watch.

Catch the full interview on our YouTube channel to explore the rich narratives and vibrant personalities of Chris and Tina, and stay tuned to Days of Punk for more stories, revelations, and intimate portraits of the people who have shaped not just a genre but a way of life.